Matt’s Birthday


I have to confess that Megan was not a part of Matt’s birthday celebration.  She didn’t even make it through dinner before I whisked her off to bed.  I think she was relieved when the lights were turned off and the door closed.  She was a tired one!  This night was full of homework projects and spelling test practices.  Matt helped the kiddos study while we drew clues and hid presents!  No rest for this guy!  (Although, we did end up having a relaxing evening once we got through the homework “To Do” list.)


The kids gathering to give Matt his first clue!


The most exciting gift- The Weather Station- was on hold until we knew which house it would be mounted to.  Now that we are staying (the news at this moment!) we are going to order this baby!  Matt’s been wanting one for years- it’s about time!


I love how Cayden included his current interests in the card- drawing, dragons and German.  But where is the html coding?! 🙂


Banana cream pie, Matt’s favorite dessert- topped the night off.  We sure love Matt- the way he can diffuse any situation with silliness, his sincerity when you need it, oodles of good advice, and love… always!


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