Family Date Night


Last year we had some family date nights where the kids were in charge of a family activity when it was their Saturday.  We had so much fun and I loved seeing the things that they chose to do!  I decided that it was time to do another round of Saturdays and I gave Cayden a few days notice that he was going to be running the show.  I always give them a budget- $10- which is about $1 per person.  It can go towards supplies, treats- whatever they think they need.


Cayden knew immediately what he wanted to do.  Lately he has really been loving his art class, specifically sketching.  For date night he wanted everyone to practice drawing things and then to deliver the drawings/notes to each other.


Let me just tell you, we had so much fun!  I wasn’t sure that this would capture everyone’s attention but I bet we spent a good hour drawing, writing little notes and delivering them to each other’s pillows.  We had bouts of drawing followed by races to pillows to see how many notes we had waiting for us to read!


I pulled out an Usborne book on how to draw dinosaurs, so dinosaur drawing dominated the evening!


Dylan’s goal was to draw the goofiest notes- which were giggled over and loved 🙂


Jackson spent a lot of time perfecting his dinosaurs- he has always loved drawing!


Megan even got involved!

Here is a sampling of some notes that came our way:

DSC_0303small    DSC_0304small   DSC_0316smallDSC_0330small    DSC_0312small


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