The Great Aquarium Adventure


When Kristin called to invite us to the aquarium we jumped at the chance. I hadn’t taken the kids for years- this was long before they’d moved to this larger building. I surprised Jackson and the girls, didn’t tell them where we were going, and off we drove!  At first Jackson thought we were going grocery shopping- a common outing before Kindergarten starts.  But no… Since we were on the freeway, he guessed we were going to Kristin’s house.  Close…. We were going to do something with them, but not at their house.  We arrived and were unloading just as Kristin arrived.  We have a Curious George book about the aquarium, so they kind of knew what to expect when we walked into the building.  This was definitely a unique experience for them!


Jackson and Ellie darted from one exhibit to the next- everything needed attention!


Jellyfish are one of my favorite things, so I had to snap a picture.  I think the way they move is mesmerizing….


There was a shallow pool with a baby shark that you could touch as it swam past.  Jack was really freaked out about it (shark?!!) Alison liked the idea of it and would get the courage to put her hand in, but if that shark ever came close that hand shot out of the water.


Megan and Cosette shared snacks (Cosette’s snacks) and were buddies 🙂 I think Megan is trying to decide what food Cosette was eating and where she was keeping it!


No touching that shark for Jack! But is was fun to see it up close!


Megan and this crazy-eyed fish had a staring contest.  I don’t think either of them wanted to move!

We saw penguins, alligators  and electric eels.  We would have stayed a lot longer but we had to whisk Jackson away to get him back in time for school!  It was a fun outing and I heard they’re building an even bigger building.  We might have to repeat this adventure again when the new building is finished and bring the whole family….


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