The time had come- the final interview.

I must confess- I wasn’t worried about the interview at all. Matt is an excellent interviewer. He doesn’t get tongue-tied, draw a blank in the middle of something, or any of those other nervous flaws that come along with being put on the spot.  I was nervous, but less nervous than I’d been in the past. If this move is meant to be, I’ll know it.

Camille was so kind and drove me into Washington DC on Friday, the day of Matt’s interview.  I had such a good time with her and if we did move out there I would be so glad that they would be nearby.  Our families have so much in common- it was uncanny!  Melissa and Ashlyn are so much alike- I think every family should have an Ashlyn/Melissa- those happy spirits!  John reminded me of Cayden, both intellectual and kind.  Peter and Dylan are soul mates (if they could only meet!)

We spent the nights playing games and watching episodes of “Once Upon a Time”.  I discovered that Camille and I are fellow Snorta haters – why does that game trip me up so much?!!  We were in it until the very end – at least we had each other!  They taught us a new game called “Werewolf” which we now have on order (for Matt’s birthday) and they had a fun expansion for Dominion (which Matt also got for his birthday).  We called Matt’s birthday “the Maryland trip” birthday because it also involved him getting a coupon for a Weather Station, something he’s always wanted- but when I saw Camille’s I knew it was time!

Here are some sight-seeing highlights from our trip:



Our first stop was the Natural History Museum (one of the Smithsonian Museums).  Alison enjoyed exploring- she loved the magnifying glasses, the binoculars, the human skeleton… She found the tibia on each leg and said, “It’s a match!”


Camille took care of Megan whose favorite thing was to rearrange sea shells and all of the soft containers.


Alison spies the crocodile… At first she won’t get any closer…


She gets a little braver…


And curiously touches the tooth.  It was so fun to have a discovery section of the museum where everything could be touched.  This was definitely the place we spent the most time!


Afterwards we had a relaxing picnic lunch, the girls chased birds and each other around the walkway, I was asked many times of the girls were twins… but now that I see a picture of them sitting together in the stroller they don’t look so different 🙂  We visited the Air and Space Museum next, which made Cayden  envious!  He loves Apollo 13 and really anything to do with museums!  Ashlyn has been studying the Wright Brothers for an report and I was even able to see and exhibit for that.  I would love to take all of my children there, especially the older ones!


In front of the Washington Monument- a mere few weeks before the Cherry blossoms!


This is the fort that protected Baltimore from the British troops in the battle where Francis  Scott Key wrote the Star- Spangled Banner!


Behind these guys you can see the bay!  Peter, Lorin, Melissa, Matt, Megan and Alison


Behind us you can see a small section the fort!  Peter, Melissa, Matt, Crystal, Megan and Alison


There were so many fun places to explore! Megan was very excited to get out of her stroller!


There was a tiny little entrance on each side of this area below the stairs (Alison’s size) and it connected to a slightly larger entryway (Peter’s size). They didn’t lead anywhere, and I’m not sure why they went to the trouble of creating the especially small opening- there’s no way an adult could shimmy inside there.  I’m guessing storage? Alison sure loved her little space!


Above- Alison finding another small space to crawl through


We had such a good time! Alison and Megan enjoyed having a lot of time with Matt and I.  We enjoyed our time together and our time with Lorin and Camille!



Our final day there Camille arranged for us to get a group picture!

Matt, Megan, Peter, Crystal, Alison, Camille, Melissa, Lorin, John


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