Maria’s 50th


Maria- our family anchor when we moved to Bountiful. I think we spent as much time at their house as we did at our own when we lived there.  Our gift to Maria for her 50th birthday was a book of 50 memories (photos)- it ended up being more than more than 50 because it seemed wrong to keep some of them out! It was so fun to look back through time.  We love their family so much!

I forgot to  mention that we invited ourselves up to celebrate Maria’s birthday the day before 🙂 Matt called and asked if we could come up and deliver her gift- and everyone joined right in. Maria was at Costco when Matt called and she picked up a cake.  So, that’s the story of how the next day, Sunday, we brought up our many cartons of BYU creamery ice cream, Matt’s parents rode up with us, Kevin’s family met up and Tina’s family joined soon afterward.  We had a fabulous time chatting, catching up on how the missionaries are doing and simply enjoying family.


Jackson and his new hat (from his date with Matt). True love. Never taken off.


Maria, smiling as always 🙂 Below are a few of our favorite Maria memories:

2004-12 Decorating Cookies small

2009-05 Sister's Weekendsmall

2011-09 Visiting Megan small


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