We’re Off To See The Tabernacle!


One bright Saturday afternoon we decided to head out with the Pontius’s to check out the Provo Tabernacle.  At the moment it was suspended, held up by steel supports while the ground underneath was excavated.  We knew it wouldn’t be like that for much longer and it sounded like a great way to see some history in the making. I have to admit that it was pretty exciting to see it in person! Much different than seeing it in the newspaper.


I could see damage on the bricks from the fire on one side, but on the other side the door was still in place and even open so we could take a look inside.


There was a construction worker walking through the beams underneath (on the right) so we could really get a feel for how deep the pit was.


Dylan, hamming it up for the camera!


Cayden helping out with Meggie.  Meg, not happy that she can’t run around on the muddy ground.


Matt and I


Our next plan was to walk around BYU and show the kids around a college campus.  This way they could feel the atmosphere and picture themselves there 🙂 College isn’t so far away for some of them- hard to believe!  We ended up at the Eyring Science Center.


The kids loved exploring and testing out all of the displays…


…. especially the Vortex Cannon! They loved shooting cannonballs of air at each other!

Our plan was to head to the creamery afterwards, but when we arrived it was packed! We ended up buying a million quarts of ice cream, going back to our place with the Pontius’s, making pizza, eating ice cream and chatting the night away!


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