Lund Newsletter – February 2013


Matt’s whole family writes a newsletter quarterly and submits them to Leslie who compiles, publishes and mails them out to all of the family members.  I think this is a great idea because it helps us stay connected.  Lunds are spread out across both sides of the United States and it helps us keep track of each other. Here was our newsletter this year:


Matt’s in the shower. My goal- finish the newsletter before he makes his way downstairs. I can do this!

Both of us have been dreading exercise. DREADING it. I know some of you have used MyFitnessPal to track your exercise and calories from food. Every time I actually log everything, it totally works. But I haven’t done it for months (and months, and months). I seem to work on exercising in spurts. It’s feast or famine.  I don’t know why I can’t just do it every day- every day- every day- it seems monotonous.  It seems impossible. I do well, I lose 10 pounds… and then I stop everything I was doing right. I slowly gain the 10 pounds back and then I begin again. And it keeps me from ever reaching my healthy self. It’s taken getting over a brutal fitness challenge and 3 months of doing absolutely nothing to recover mentally and finally get to a place where I can wrap my head around making plans again…. but it’s time. The sun is finally out, winter is ending and I think it’s rubbing off on my soul! I’m ready… Tonight was the first step. Matt and I both went to the rec center tonight. Together! Success!

            Most of my days are spent cleaning up one mess or another. No… really. Megan and Alison are both on the move. They both think of the most marvelous adventures and most of them involve unrolling all of the rolls of toilet paper that we keep under the sink, pouring pretzels across the house, coloring across whatever surface can be found (Megan’s most recent display was in our newly finished basement with a black sharpie. Luckily we had extra paint and could touch it up, but yes- a few months into it and we are repainting artist’s renditions of spaghetti scribble). Alison believes that she can paint her own toenails (this requires taking every bottle of nail polish out) which caused panic when I walked towards the bathroom, smelling that polishy smell, and then actually walked into the bathroom and saw 60 bottles of polish scattered across the floor. How many of them are open?! How many surfaces did she get to?! Luckily she settled on glow-in-the-dark orange, laid out a paper towel under her toes and painted them- nothing got on any other part of the bathroom! I held my panic in check which was lucky for Megan who had dropped and shattered my mineral bronzer and then emptied it on the carpeted floor- unrecoverable (as if I’d want to recover powder that’s been on my bathroom floor and brush it across my face every day). Bleh. Megan’s mess ($$ and sad) compared to Alison’s potential destruction left both of them off of the hook because things weren’t as bad as they could have been. I really do watch them, REALLY! I was making dinner, someone used my bathroom and left the door open- story of my life.

            Life is good though. I know that this “into everything” stage will end. I never thought it would with Jackson. I remember so many days of hiding the kitchen stool in my bedroom closet because he used it to get into everything. EVERYTHING.  Matt would get home from work and walk into the closet and say, “It’s been one of those days.” The perspective makes it easier, right? Hope all is well with you guys and I’m looking forward to seeing you throughout the summer if you make it to Utah and especially the reunion next year!




CAYDEN (13):

Last Christmas I got a LEGO Robotics kit (Mindstorm), and a book with instructions for how to program it, and stuff to build. Also, for my birthday I got an origami Star Wars book, which I have used quite frequently to build awesome things. It’s also loaded with Star Wars facts, trivia and other cool things (like instructions to learn Jawaeese). I’ve actually been referred to as “The Origami Master” and “Star Nerd” multiple times J

I’ve been into art lately, mostly because I took an art class that has actually taught me a lot. I’ve also been into instrumental music mostly from a game called Lock’s Quest by a guy called David J. Franco. I, in fact, was listening to it all throughout the time I was writing this. I looked up the soundtrack online and found it. My favorite was “Untitled Track 29” but it’s changed by now.

I got a TI-85 from my Uncle Michael. I’ve programmed it to do really cool things, like a coin simulator. I also just barely got an HP-46G from my dad, which I like better. I also learned basic HTML in 6th grade and I’m learning more and doing cool things with it. I’m also learning Java.

I recently went on a campout (Feb 8 and 9) that was below freezing the whole time. It was really fun, though, because we did little competitions against the older scouts and we still won!

I’m learning about the pioneers in my history class. It’s actually really fun because we’re doing a little trail game.

ASHLYN (11):

I am in the 5th grade.  We are big on writing right now. I like to play the piano and I LOVE animals! I like to play games and play with my little sisters Ali (age 2) and Meg (age 1).

My birthday was January 25th and I had a party with 3 school friends and 2 neighbor friends. We had pizza, played games and watched a movie called Avalon High. It is about the King Arthur story. One friend already moved and on is on her way out. I don’t know what to do when she moves. I am excited for 6th grade and Jr. High.

I am taking piano lessons with Aunt Kristiena and am getting pretty good. I enjoy playing with Maylee and Sam. For my birthday I got about $61 ($31 cash, $30 gift card for Target). I got a few games, a white board with markers, a mirror and shelf, a poster, candy and 1 ¼ liter of Sprite. It was great!

DYLAN (7):

I play soccer and I like it. I’m glad it will start up again soon. My favorite thing to do is play with my marble tracks. Cayden gave them to me for Christmas!

My favorite thing to do at school is recess. I run around and play chicken tag, but it is really just tag. I went outside once and everyone was playing it. Now I play it every day!

My favorite thing to do with Jack is playing LEGOS. I like to build cars, trucks and space ships.

This summer, if I could choose anything to do I would like to go to Disneyland and go to Splash Mountain!


I like to chase Megan and she likes it. I like to be nice to her. I’m in Kindergarten. I like my teacher and I like going to art and computer.  I like to go to the library and I like working. I’m learning that “ay” makes an “a” sound and that “a” is the boss. After school I like to do my homework and then I like to play with my friends. I like to play blocks with Dylan and I like to play at my friend’s house and they like to play at my house too. We did Family Home Evening last night. Ashlyn made brownies- yum! I like to play the Wii. My favorite games are chicken tag, pig tag- oh wait, on the Wii my favorite games are Sonic and the Rings, Lego Star Wars and Toy Story 3. I love Pirates of the Caribbean because it has pirates and pirates are my favorite thing. I love it because it has a guy with two swords in it (Will Turner) and Captain Jack Sparrow.  Once Dylan and I built LEGO swords and we had a sword fight. The problem was that I was always breaking my sword. TTFN (Ta Ta For Now)

Mom’s Note: Jackson is an amazing reader (he could read at level 4 halfway through Kindergarten, level 3 is the benchmark for going into 1st grade). He started the year with shaky recognition of the alphabet letters so he’s made excellent progress. Disclaimer: He has only watched the 1st 10 minutes of Pirates of the Caribbean. We had the Pirates DS game so he feels like he’s an expert but I did let him watch the fun part at the beginning!


I am 2.  My favorite things are helping my mom to cook, folding dish rags (she really folds them as well as I do!), coloring (but only if Jack is coloring too), Dora the Explorer and clothes. I love clothes, shoes, purses, necklaces, having my fingernail/toenails painted and my pink sunglasses! I DO NOT like naps, going home after we take Jackson to school (because that means naps), eating dinner or getting tickled when I am NOT in the MOOD. My very most favorite book is Go, Dog, Go! I know almost all of the words but my favorite part is when all of the dogs go to bed in the same bed. I do not suck my thumb- I suck my 3rd and 4th fingers. If I’m teasing Megan I’ll suck  my thumb, but that’s just silly! Over Christmas break my dad moved me into a big twin bed while my mom was out shopping. We were both VERY surprised. I hated it for the 1st day. It was scary. Now I am proud of it!

MEGAN (1):

Megan is a rollercoaster! If it’s a normal day she is full of giggles, entertains herself and is generally happy! If she’s not feeling well, is teething or is tired- we all know it. She is feisty and doesn’t hold back on letting us know when she is not happy. Luckily it is the happy side we see the most! Now that Megan and Alison are older they play together. Alison is always aware of Megan –“Meggie asleep. Me awake. Meggie sleeping.” If I don’t know where Megan is I can depend on Alison to tell me or to find her for me. That got me into trouble yesterday when I sent Alison to find Megan while I was making dinner. Megan was unloading everything out from under the bathroom sink which gave Alison the idea to paint her toenails (thus my newsletter that I wrote yesterday). But- the great thing is that they LOVE each other! They are glad to see each other in the morning! One morning Alison heard Megan wake up and ran into her room and tried to help Megan get out of bed. It ended up with Megan falling out of bed, but there is definitely a lot of love between these two.

Here is something that I wanted to put in our Christmas “newspaper” but didn’t have the room:



Cayden’s Recommended List:

  • Anything by Neal Shusterman

  • Eric Rex series

  • Michael Vey

  • Janitors

  • Pillagy Trilogy

  • The Extraordinary Adventures of Alfred Kropp

  • Adventureres Wanted

  • Beyonders

  • The Candy Shop War

Ashlyn’s Recommended List:

  • Calvin and Hobbs

  • The Mysterious Benedict Society

  • Wayside Schoool

  • Where the Red Fern Grows

Dylan’s Recommended List:

  • Fly Guy books

  • Harry Potter

  • Kitten’s First Full Moon

Jackson’s Recommended Books:

  • Whopper Cake

  • Magic Tree House series

  • Mater’s Tall Tales books

  • Curious George books


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