Our Fun Family


I love my family! So many times my children say the funniest and cutest things and I mean to write them down… and then I don’t. By the next day I know Jackson has said something funny but I can’t remember what it was!  This entry is meant to capture those moments:



Jackson to Cayden:

“The fur on your legs is getting to be as long as dad’s!”



Dylan to me right before church:

“I can turn this box of cereal upside down and none of it will fall out!” 

He does it and all of the cereal pours out.

Lesson learned: Putting the tabs together on the cereal box lid does not guarentee that cereal will stay in the box.



Jackson to Matt at Pizza Pie Cafe (one wall is decorated with different license plates )

“Do they have our licence plate up there? You know… The one with you skiing on it?



Matt getting Ashlyn’s thoughts about moving:

“Moving will be an adventure.” -Matt

“I want a long adventure but I always want to come back.” -Ashlyn

(Ashlyn is so very, very sweet)



Conversation in the car on the way home from Soldier’s Hollow:

“Anyone hungry?” – Crystal

“Not me – I ate some snow on the tubing hill” -Jackson



Conversation the morning after tubing at Soldier’s Hollow

“Last night my cheeks hurt.” -Jackson

“That’s because you ate snow.” -Crystal

“I just love snow. It’s my favorite outside food. Well I have two favorites. My first is snow and my second is ice. Sigh… I just love snow…” -Jackson



And now you have a little taste of Lund life!


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