January Roundup


January was a full month. We’ve spent a lot of time figuring out life. For the last year Matt has not liked his job. He started a new job last year and attached to this job is a two year period where you can’t apply for other jobs within the company. Matt has always loved American Express so I think it was with some surprise that he has not liked his job or boss and that he’s been utterly miserable.  For someone as optimistic as Matt is, I have seen a lot of down and low moments. We’ve finally hit the halfway mark this month and the fact that Matt still has a year left has been difficult. Matt’s brother, Lorin, had Matt send in his resume for a job in Virginia for a company that does contract work for the government.  This particular position is a dream come true- a job that is tailored to his particular skill set, especially geared towards making things more efficient in large companies. For me? Not so much. I want to support Matt and I want him to be happy- but I definitely have a lot of fears attached to moving. I know how to be a mom right here, in this little town where the schools are great (Shelley gets a rank of 8 out if 10), my kids’ friends are great and we just finished our house so that we are perfectly comfortable. I am good at this little niche I’ve carved out over here. I don’t know how to be a mom in Virginia, I don’t know how the schools are going to be (you really have to shop around to find neighborhoods where your kids will go to good schools), and I really don’t know the friends that my kids will find. I could give into all of my personal insecurities (I’ll have to start all over with friends, our house will be smaller- no one, NO ONE has 6 kids) if I could just have the quality kid friend thing guaranteed …. We fly out to Virginia in March for the final interview. I’m trying to be happy but this is a hard thing. Matt and I went on a date both Friday and Saturday last weekend and I ended up crying both nights in the restaurant. The poor waiter trying to be helpful, “Could I bring you some water?” brought on the full waterworks.  But, as I pray about it, I know that everything will work out for our good whether it be here or there and that brings peace.

So, onto some fun highlights from January 🙂


More marble tracks, of course! I thought Ashlyn’s track was fun!


Dylan was all about fame and glory- marbles launched down the piano into a triple loop roller coaster!


Now that Megan and Alison are older they play together a lot! Alison is always aware of Megan –“Meggie asleep. Me awake. Meggie sleeping.” If I don’t know where Megan is I can depend on Alison to tell me or to find her for me.

They are glad to see each other in the morning! One morning Alison heard Megan wake up and ran into her room and tried to help Megan get out of bed. It ended up with Megan falling out of bed, but there is definitely a lot of love between these two.


One afternoon I was out shopping and Matt surprised me by putting away Alison’s crib and setting up a twin bed. She  HATED it and thought it was very scary. She cried the whole time Matt was taking down the crib. When the twin bed was up Alison would run into her room and freak out a little and then run away. Luckily she had all day to get used to it and has loved it ever since. The only mischief is that she likes to get out of bed around 4am and sneak downstairs and wake up the boys to play. Matt and I are getting good at listening to the door click as she goes out of her room (she always has to close the door behind her)!


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  1. We would be so sad if you guys left but so happy for your new adventure and possibly Matt loving his job more. Such a mixed bag I’m sure. Don’t you just hate decisions? I do! Like you said about peace; what a blessing to be able to feel at peace whatever may come.
    What fun marble tracks! The boys were excited to see those pictures! And that is really funny/cute about Alison’s bed! I would have thought she would be excited for a “big girl” bed but it’s really enduring that she loved her crib so much! What a cutie!

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