The Many Outfits of Alison


I have never met a little girl like Alison. I’ve heard of them- girly, girls that change their clothes all of the time, that accessorize each outfit, ones that play around with different fashion combinations until they find ones they like. But until now it has only been a rumor. It is amazing! Each outfit that she picks out is so FUN! I do make sure she’s reasonably dressed most of the time, but here are a few of her fun ones from the past few weeks!


Swimsuit with matching gloves


With a little attitude – yes they DO match! 🙂


Rocking the headband (the socks are my favorite!)


Dance leotard with stylish sunglasses (she picked out the sunglasses herself from The Children’s Place!) The sunglasses placement was all her.  The dance skirt gets thumbs down from her- too itchy…


Different leotard with stretchy gloves as socks


One of Alison’s favorite outfits is one that a friend brought home for Ashlyn from the Philippines when Ashlyn was about this age. Summer or winter Alison is always finding this outfit and changing out of whatever one she started the day with and into this one.


Ruffle swimsuit with a bowtie


Jammies with a blanket cape. Peace out! (Really, it’s “I’m two!”)

This is a fun, fun, fun stage! It’s one where she can express herself and I am absolutely loving her cute personality that is shining through!


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  1. That is so cute!!! I love her outfits. I know what you mean about it being a rumor until you have one that loves clothes. So fun.

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