Ashlyn’s 11th Birthday


We have two big birthday months around here. January (Cayden and Ashlyn) and August (Dylan, Jackson and Megan). The rest of us are scattered throughout the year. As I was searching through old pictures of Ashlyn, I realized how much she changes and grows each year. When you’re living it you don’t notice it, but even within a few months she becomes taller, less baby-ish, her dimples are bigger now… It all happens so fast….

I thought I’d put in a few of my favorite pictures of Ashlyn

Ashlyn birthday cakeedit small

1st birthday- loved to play with the cake!

DCP_1282small  DSCN2188small

I found a picture of Ashlyn (pictured left) and her face and expression looks just like Megan (pictured on the right). I see this expression every day! As I looked through Ashlyn’s pictures I saw that she had this “Megan” look for only a few months. And then it was gone. It makes me realize that Megan will probably only have this “look” for a few months too.

DSC02713 small

Ashlyn= easiest potty trainer ever. She pulled a trick on me one day by wearing every pair of her new underwear at once! Over her jeans! It was a pretty good joke 🙂

Misc 066small

Ashlyn’s first dance recital- at the Pitt’s house, during the day, only moms in attendance. Ashlyn was terrified to perform in front of an audience. We finally convinced her to go but it was one of the hardest things she’d ever, ever done. She did it and has never wanted to dance again. But she sure loved, loved, loved this teddy bear- and her love of all stuffed animals is still going strong!


Baptism day


You can see that Ashlyn is growing up, loves kids, loves sciency stuff and projects so she set up a neighborhood summer school


And here she is- Our happy 11 year old!


Ashlyn brought Alison as a clue hunting helper for our family party- which was not long before her friend party! Nothing like a Friday birthday!


I’m not sure why mustaches are the craze, but these girls are pretty silly!


Ashlyn’s party was full of pizza, soda (!), games (Pictionary Man), and a movie (Avalon High)


Ashlyn said NO CAKE for her birthday, just jumbo banana muffins. So we did and instead of ice cream scoops we had creamies!


It was a fun muffin tower with plenty of candles to blow out!


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  1. Loved, loved this one.  I remember Ashlyn in all these stages—but on an everday basis I don’t notice the difference.  Can I make a suggestion?  I saw the pictures where she looked EXACTLY like Megan looks today.  you mentioned it, too.  (how about as an aside put a picture of Megan just below the one of Ashlyn (maybe in parenthesis)  It was amazing!  Ashlyn  has certainly changed since then!  I will now watch for Megan to see if she continues to follow Ashlyn’s growing/changing looks or develop her own.  Such a precious family!  Love you all, M

    *******************************************Everything tastes good with chocolate except broccoli—Maria Lund

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