To The Pitt’s House We Go!


After rescheduling because of  a huge snow storm and and a second time due to a bout of the flu, we finally were able to make it up to the Pitt’s for a full day of lunch, sledding, hot chocolate, swimming and dessert. Really, where else can you go sledding and then warm yourself up by hopping into a heated pool! They were so nice to invite us up! We had a fabulous time. Matt and I enjoyed visiting with Ryan and Jen (both of us said that was our favorite part) while the kids enjoyed all of the sporty things with their friends the most. Of course!


I’d never taken Alison sledding before and I wondered if it would be too scary. No fear! Ashlyn and Lydia devised the perfect system. They attached a rope to the tube to pull her up the hill and then let go so she could slide down to the bottom of the hill. Time and time again they pulled her up to the top. Alison was in heaven!


There was definitely plenty of snow. Look at Jack walking his sled over to the hills!


Dylan enjoyed the high speed!


Jackson did too! Cayden and Josh went up to the higher levels and risked life and limb on the way down! (Not really, but my heart was racing I must admit).


Ashlyn and Lydia did a little bit of everything- helping Alison, clearing snow off of the trampoline, knocking off icicles… They always had some plan going on!


Afterwards we went swimming. Jen and I were in the pool with the kiddos, Ryan ran Josh to basketball and Matt became the photographer! I always love the smell of the pool- it makes me feel like I’m coming home. Megan and Alison were my buddies- the kind of buddies who sometimes think that they they really CAN swim… but no.


Mathias and Jack


Megan- enjoying lots of WATER TIME! I think this is going to be a good summer for her!


Alison – who has to give every kind of fashing a try-  sporting Sarah’s goggles


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