Cayden’s 13th Birthday


I can’t believe that Cayden is 13. It wasn’t so long ago that he was my little baby…

Cayden 2edit

…. then my little toddler


…then my little snuggler on the couch

Cayden's Baptism 001s,all

…. then practically overnight he was old enough to make big decisions, like being baptized


And old enough to drive a 4-wheeler and work on big yard projects- not just the easy stuff like pulling weeds, but the big stuff like sawing lumber and digging out the yard


And before I knew it he became a leader, teaching Dylan about edible plants and soaking up any kind of knowledge in school.


My first baby is 13. I love him! Cayden’s favorite breakfast is French Toast casserole, so it made an appearance this morning!


That evening we had our treasure hunt expedition to find presents….


…. and ended it with yellow cake with chocolate frosting (chosen by the birthday boy himself). It seems the kids have been moving away from chocolate cake the past few years! That night we went to see The Hobbit in the theater – just Matt, Cayden, Ashlyn and I. We thoroughly enjoyed it!


A week later we had a friend party- I think there ended up being 10 or so boys. It made for a crazy evening filled with lots of pizza, lots of games and they finished it off with a movie! I always enjoy seeing Cayden’s friends. They are such a good group of boys and I know that at this time of life especially, a solid cast of friends is a force for good!

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  1. So sweet! What cute toddler pictures!! What a fun birthday and a fun set of friends! Time really needs to slow down, I can’t believe how fast it goes. 🙂

  2. I know it is a little late, but it is so interesting to compare these pictures to the pictures from last year. Cayden has grown up so much in just one year. I wish we could talk to you guys more often so we wouldn’t miss these kinds of changes. We love you so much.

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