Marble Track Mania


Dylan has loved these marble tracks since Cayden first got them for his birthday years ago. When Cayden gave them to Dylan for Christmas it was a dream come true! Cayden was excited for months before Christmas because he knew he’d thought of the perfect gift- and it truly was! The Saturday after Christmas we spent the evening in the basement creating the best marble track ever!


It all started on the windowsill, held in place by some stout Harry Potters.


It came around and down to our antique table and dove down into a loop-de-loop, then up a subwoofer, basket and chair- all in the name of slowing that marble down before it turned around and came back!


All of the kids were anxious to be a part- fetching peices, giving ideas, building track


Dylan, however, was the happiest!


Once the track was finished, all of the little toys came out- army guys, Star Wars guys, and the bucket of tiny animals (we love little things around here!)


It was a perfect night- the kind of night where you’re not rushing around or solving squabbles. The kind of night that could last forever because everyone is happy, building, solving track problems, and playing with little characters. The kind of night where you laugh because the dinosaur captured the storm trooper and because army guys are battling Darth Vader. I love it! 



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