A Winter Wonderland


The best place around to go sledding is the Top of the World park. It has a huge bowl that’s cleared of trees and even has a steep side for the adventurous and a gradual slope for the younger ones. Where did everyone start? The steep side, of course. We invited our neighbors to come along and the three oldest Dixon boys joined our crew! No matter that my van could not make it up the parking lot hill. No matter that I had to drive out backwards and park on the street. My van and I have a love/hate relationship right now. I love it 10 months out of the year- but during the snow it is a beast. I dread driving. I could drive 3 miles an hour and still slide. I’m careful. I’ve never slid into an intersection because I know how to treat my van- but it does require special care. It has “special needs.” My greatest fear- getting stuck at the Shelley or Jr. High stop sign while driving carpool. With cars and cars lined up behind me. With no one that can push this van past that slippery spot where all cars wait until the intersection is clear before they go- melting the snow until there is no traction left- nothing by icy, wheel-spinning snow. While my babies are still in their footie jammies in their car seats. And I’m sweat-panicking. I digress…


Ashlyn is my little dare-devil with a “perfect-balance” system built right in.

Cliff-jumping? Sure

Surfing? You betcha

Skiing? Bring it on

Sledding tricks? Of course


Ashlyn loves every second!


Top speeds achieved under the influence of laughter


Dylan is also my little daredevil. The downside? These jumps HURT. Even if you landed in your sled, it was not a soft landing. These are hard sleds and the ground was icy. Not that this stopped Dylan in any way! He was determined to ace all of the jumps too!


… With a smile!


You can almost see the adrenaline pumping.


I wondered if Jackson would be able to hike his sled back up to the top every time, but he did a great job!


Jackson tried the jumps but they weren’t his favorite. His size made it so he’d approach the jump and his sled would stop right on the tip.


When he just went straight down Jack picked up some serious speed! He could sled across the flatland part farther than anyone!


Cayden liked sledding but he also liked the construction phase of the day with Kevin and Ryan.


I can’t imagine life without snow gear- even though their pants and coats are cold and wet on the outside , they are still warm and dry on the inside. What a fun day!


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