Christmas Morning


We had a nice, relaxing, quiet Christmas morning. Grandma and Grandpa Lund were in Texas this year which was very strange. We all missed them and Alison especially was always looking for a lap to sit in and would have settled right into Grandma’s arms. Still, we are very glad that other family is able to enjoy a Christmas morning with them because they make it very fun! They get excited about every present!


Here is what our tree looked like this year with our big bear lying wait right in front!


Ashlyn likes to put a stuffed animal in the tree on Christmas Eve to keep watch!


Here we are, all lined up to walk in! First we opened stockings with reckless abandon! Then we stop, make breakfast (French Toast, bacon, sausage and orange juice) and have a short devotional. Then the present opening begins, one present at a time! Here are some of our fun presents from Christmas morning:


Cayden’s favorite gift? Lego Mindstorms which is part of the Lego robotics line. It involves a lot of programming on the computer which is something that Cayden has really shown an interest in!


Ashlyn loves her pogo stick and wishes this snow would melt away so she could play with it more. We did let her test it out in the kitchen though. You know- just to make sure that it works 🙂


Cayden gave Dylan his marble tracks for Christmas. Cayden has been excited for months to give it to him and Dylan has treasured it! Definitely a memorable Christmas!


Jackson got a lot of fun things for Christmas but I think that this snuggly robe has been loved the most.


Alison got baby doll toys and this fluffy teddy bear. She won’t sleep with any of them. She doesn’t allow anything but a blanket and pillow is allowed on her bed which kills Ashlyn who is constantly trying to get her to sleep with ANY of her stuffed animals!


Megan got a xylephone/piano combo and that has been played with by everyone!


I finally got 3 years of my blog printed out which has been really fun to look through and see the changes that have come to our family, how much everyone’s grown and the places we’ve been to! My favorite gifts were some fun exercise supplies and jewelry. For Matt? I made him a rag quilt – one that he can sew on patches from places we’ve been or achievements he’s had (scouts). We spent Christmas break fringing all of the edges! We like to have a “Lord of the Rings” marathon over the break and I think I will always think of quilting now whenever I watch those movies! It was a very happy Christmas morning, one where we definitely felt love from one another and gratitude for our many blessings.


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  1. Yay! Christmas morning is so fun. I am so interested in Cayden’s gift – I think Taylor would love that and I am dying to know all about how you put your blog in a printed book – that has been a long term goal of mine that I just haven’t gotten to. Sounds like it was a very fulfilling Christmas!

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