Christmas Evening


Our tradition is to spend Christmas Eve with the Lunds and Christmas day with the Bills. Let me tell you, we always look forward to spending time with family! We started off the evening with a wonderful dinner followed by lots of visiting, little ones playing with the toys in the toys boxes, foozeball tournaments and a lot of laughs!


Santa came by and everyone- young and old- was excited to see him!


What they don’t tell you is that when Santa has been out in the cold, his glasses get foggy when he comes indoors!


Grandma teaching Alison how to do her new lace up boards!


Cayden got a programming  book for his Lego Mindstorms!


Jack and Ethan, loving that they get to play together- even on Christmas Day!


Natalie, Emily and Savanah


We had such a happy evening- families are truly a gift.


Cayden and Grandpa- Those two always find time to chat!


One of the many, many, many foozeball games that night


My sister, Kristin, with the debut of her caramel apple cake. It was just as delicious as it was beautiful!

I am so grateful for my family- my own little family, my in-laws and out-laws, cousins and grandparents- the whole entire group!  I am even more grateful that these gatherings and relationships will continue throughout the eternities.


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