Christmas Eve Party


This year we hosted the annual Lund Family Christmas Eve Party. It is huge! We cooked up two hams and I tried a new brownie recipe (Yummy! It was so rich though that I might have to wait until next Christmas Eve to make it again!). Everyone brought lots of food and we had a feast! After stuffing ourselves silly, the talent portion of the night began! The tradition is that everyone who’s not married performs a talent. Here are just a few of the 15 talents going on that night!


Sam’s performing his superfast “Lightning McQueen” moves


Maylee wrote and illustrated a story and read it out loud for us.


Andrew amazed us all by playing the guitar (self-taught!) and singing along.


Kyle tested out a card trick that failed in the most hilarious way!

Cayden’s Talent– Creating things (He showed off several things that he’s made this year including blown glass, a circuit board and origami)

Ashlyn’s Talent– Her “Intertribal Negotiation Failure” and “Carol of the Bells” mash up on the piano

Dylan’s Talent– “Angel’s We Have Heard on High” on the piano

Jackson’s Talent– Sang The Cowboy Song, every word, complete with cowboy apparel

Alison’s Talent– Somersaults

Megan’s Talent– Giving “High 5!”


Grandma and Grandpa Lund


Alison’s new passion….. is money. Ashlyn passed down a little princess wallet to Alison and it is one of Alison’s greatest treasures. She is constantly zipping and unzipping, counting her money and is always on the lookout for more money. During the party, Alison was grandma’s constant companion and thoroughly enjoyed someone who let her show off her little wallet some more!


Parker had some great electronic skillz, but the cute bow on his head stole the show!


Thomas convinced Kaleb that broccoli is awesome – even the toy version!

I love all of the family time and this Christmas season that brings us together. We had a good time eating, visiting and laughing together! I am so grateful that I can be with my family and this huge, wonderful family forever.


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  1. Sounds like the best party ever! Seriously. What fun talents and I love the expressions on peoples’ faces – even the ones in the backgrounds.

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