Give Us A Break!


School is OUT!

Precious time to play with each other, play with friends and play with cousins.

Time to stay home, lounge in jammies, read, pull out games and make hot chocolate.

It’s also time to bundle up and head out….

Our first outing was to Kangaroo Zoo. Corinne called one morning and invited us to join her family. Within the hour we were driving off! (Back in the day, I could do “spur of the moment” in 10 minutes. Now it seems I need a solid hour to change diapers, fix 3 heads of hair, give the youngsters a “non-holy jean” inspection and  transform myself from jammie mom to on-the-go mom).

IMAG0615   IMAG0641

Cayden was unsure about what to even do there at first because, let’s face it, most of the kid population there were in the single digits. After hanging out with me for a little he came up with  a game of tag mixed with hide-and-go-seek that kept everyone racing and sliding around.

IMAG0622   IMAG0631

Megan was very hesitant to jump or climb anything. She liked the stable footing on the ground and didn’t see the fun in wobbling around in any of the jumping areas. It all changed when Ashlyn whisked her away and took her down some slides! Megan did end up braving some of the baby areas after her excursion with Ashlyn.


We followed that up with the Pontius boys by watching “Little Rascals” in the basement when we got home!

I’m sure Ashlyn loves that I put that picture in 🙂

The next day we headed over the the Hutchings Museum with Kristin and her kids. I hadn’t been there for years! We went on a day where you could make ornaments at different stations throughout the museum-  fun and simple crafts. They painted seashells (we left them all there on accident), turned pine cones into birds, and used a hammer and nail to create patterns on tin metal sheets.

IMAG0652   IMAG0668

There were a lot of fun “hands on” areas. I could hardly pull Alison and Dylan away from the sand and fossils. It was very quiet, no crowds and you really could spend a lot of time wherever you wanted!

IMAG0654   IMAG0677

The magnifying glasses were very fun (to play with and to use). I think our favorite part of the museum was the rock and mineral room. I’m not even kidding when I say that we LOVE rocks! In one section of the room there is a recessed area covered with a door that has peepholes. There was a blacklight inside and you could see all sorts of cool rocks that were glowing different colors. It was so fun! Craziest thing? A (dead) scorpion was totally glowing too.

Scorpions already have armor, pinchers and stingers- is it fair to add glowing to the dark to that list? I tried to look up a theory behind why they would even need this. WHY?!! There were lots of theories but most have been disproven. At least if you’re worried about scorpions in your home, get out your black light and they’ll be easy to hunt down.

IMAG0679   IMAG0680

Here’s a glimpse of our ornament crafting 🙂


Here we are with the whole group!


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  1. We had a blast at Kangaroo Zoo and the boys loved coming over for the movie – it was a great day! Maybe the scorpions better breed that glowing in the dark trait out for their own sake, but for ours – that’s awesome. 🙂

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