Piano Recital


Our 2nd piano recital with Kristiena went smoothly and cheerfully! Cayden, Ashlyn and Dylan practiced like mad (especially Dylan) to get a 3 person trio ready in time…. and they did it! All of their individual pieces went well too, including a piece that Ashlyn composed by creating a mash-up of “Carol of the Bells” and “Intertribal Negotiation Failure” (an Indian war song). You wouldn’t think those two would mesh well at all, but it is a pretty awesome, intense song- one that she is happy to play for anyone at any time!



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  1. That is so cool that 1. Everyone was cheerful and that it went smoothly 2. That they did a trio! and 3. Ashlyn’s song sounds really cool! Don’t you love it when these things go so well? It’s like Christmas!

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