First BIG Snow!


Finally a winter storm rolled in! The kids geared up and raced outside. Alison could not be left behind and despite the huge snow pants and coat she managed to keep up nicely with everyone!


Ashlyn was enthusiastic and rolled enormous balls of snow that for an enormasly-sized snowman. The only downside- no one could lift them to stack. Our neighbor Leif even gave it a shot- no go. They were HUGE!


Alison didn’t mind stomping around the top of the snow mountains though…


Ashlyn getting ready to “make it snow” on Alison. You can see Jackson just laying in the snow. Ashlyn over the next while invented snow beds and many times I could walk past the front window and see her snuggled up (in her snow gear) laying in her snow bed.


Our neighbor’s dog, Diesel, was a good sport and loved to be chased by our kids. The funny thing? He loved to eat snow. He waffled between wanting you to chase him around the yard and wanting to snitch some snow out of your hands.


Ashlyn’s ginormous snowman parts were put to good use as a sled slide that stayed up for many days, long after all of the other snow had melted away!


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