Dylan’s Gingerbread Kid Caper


Just before Christmas break, Dylan’s 2nd grade class put on their “Gingerbread Kid Caper” play. It was so cute! When Cayden and Ashlyn were in 2nd grade this play performed with the WHOLE 2nd grade and the audience seating went to the back of the gym. Dylan’s teacher downsized it and just his class performed it in their classroom. Good seating all around! Mrs. LeBaron was dressed up with her own Christmas apron and dashed over to the piano to accompany all of the songs. She did a great job and it was such a relaxed atmosphere!


I couldn’t resist getting a shot of Dylan afterwards. As always, he was so happy that we were there. Alison was so excited to see Dylan and kept exclaiming throughout the play, “Wah Wah!” (her name for Dylan) and Dylan would softly wave back.



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