The Countdown Begins


Every year we make a countdown chain and on each link is a little thing to do. Some days are as simple as having hot chocolate or eggnog. Other days are activities that we know are coming up: Piano recital, Dylan’s 2nd grade Gingerbread Caper, Ward Christmas party, etc. Other days are more functional: Make teacher gifts, deliver friend gifts and mailing cousin ornaments. These ones keep us (me) from the frantic cramming that generally follows me around if I don’t plan. Other links on the chain are just pure fun: Make Christmas cookies, watch Muppet Christmas Carol, make cinnamon rolls. We make this a FHE planning event and the kids contribute their ideas and off we go! Some days we have to reschedule what was planned which never seems to be a big deal. We’ve been doing this for the past 8 years or so and it has been a fun tradition! Plus, it’s an easy way for the little ones to figure out on their own the number of days until Christmas!


Cayden cut the first link!


Christmas cookies- Jackson picked out most of these cool sprinkles from the store and was very proud of it!


Ashlyn took over the dough rolling


Cinnamon roll making


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