Just a warning- I NEEDED this outing! Matt had just gotten back from his trip the night before and it was time to do something fun. As a result, every little stop was magic (to me). Our plan- drive over to the Homestead in Midway and check out the Interfaith Creche (Nativity) Exhibit. We’ve done this a for a few years and they do it so well. There are nativities displayed from all over the world and it is beautiful to see the joy and reverence celebrated everywhere!


Megan and Matt- glad to be there!080small

Everyone wanted to kiss the frog 🙂


Kenya and Africa exhibits

Lund edit

We’re all in costume! And yes- that shepherd IS trying to tease Mary, but I’m sure shepherds were pranksters back then too


Afterward we just purely enjoyed being outside.


Megan wondered a little way off and plopped down in this little spot. Aren’t her shoes the cutest?!!


While we were enjoying the great outdoors, the kids found a trail (and stairs) that they decided to explore together. They came straight back because they’d found something cool! It was not only a great overlook, but it was also the top of the Crater (hot springs). A bridge went over the opening and warm, steamy air was coming up. You could hear people swimming and playing in the water below. We are determined to get back there sometime and give it a try!


Megan and Alison- exploring every nook and cranny.


Cayden- balancing on the very edge of a rock!


Ashlyn kept coming back to the fence to watch the horses. If this girl could own/ride a horse, she would be in heaven.


The dads following the babies around. The babies? Enjoying the warm air wafting up and watching the people swimming below!


After the Homestead we decided to check out the gingerbread house display. There were some really fun ones to check out!


Ashlyn with the Whoville gingerbread house.


To finish the day off we decided to go to Chuck-O-Rama. Everyone was starving! Despite Alison spilling her drink twice, crying when the waiter cleared her plate which still had gummy bears on it and deciding she really DOES want a high chair (which worked out because Megan decided she DID NOT want a high chair), she still found time to take this picture with my camera (which kept her very entertained!) Megan’s tired face shows how the rest of the kids were feeling! It was a very full day and a much needed excursion with friends!


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