Sunny Ol’ Arizona


Remember how Matt was gone 4 days of Thanksgiving break? All for good and wonderful reasons- but still, I’m flying solo at home.

4 days….. Thanksgiving break!

He came home Saturday evening and was home Sunday (as much as he could be working around church, various meetings and tithing settlement duties).  Then the next morning flew out to Arizona…. for 4 more days. Gone 8 out of 11 days. I was counting. It was hard. My mind went NUMB! My last night before Matt came home was a bomb and I couldn’t even talk about it on the phone with Matt because- let’s face it- it would end up with my crying like I couldn’t handle it. I could have done it… but I really needed to be done with that day. DONE. And although crying can be therapeutic,  sometimes it can also just drag you into a lower place then you ever meant to end up in the first place.

It wasn’t SO bad (kind of) but it was grueling and let’s say that in ended up with a little unnamed person looking at me in the eye and then pushing their chocolate milk off the counter. Bedtime- over and out. It ended well- with me reading a book until 2am just to calm down and feel like I had a moment to myself. Sanity. It made it possible for me to smile when I looked through all of Matt’s amazing pictures and be genuinely happy that he got to walk through cactus sanctuaries and go on sunny hikes. Okay, Arizona doesn’t have cactus sanctuaries but it was something cool with plants- cactus gardens, perhaps? Anyway, I stole all of these off of Matt’s cell phone because one day he’ll just delete them because he’s not sentimental about photos the way that I am. In fact, the whole reason he took them (I think) is to make me happy. And these pictures do! Maybe they represent Matt thinking about me while he’s off doing other things? Maybe because it’s a way I can travel along with him when we’re at a stage in life where I really can’t? Maybe it’s because he takes them just because he knows I’ll like them? Anyhow- I love these pictures!


Cool sprawling cactus’s


A cactus sun dial- apparently the size was ginormous but it’s hard to tell.IMAG0028

All of these figures are made out of plants. EVERYTHING!


Very cool! And very HUGE! And clever 🙂


Here is the hike that was pretty much like climbing straight up (and straight down). I’m so glad Matt got to do this and I’m so glad that he doesn’t have to travel all of the time. He’s traveled quarterly right now, which almost ties the amount that he’s done in the last 14 years.


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