Putting Up the Tree


We are early Christmas tree trimmers. Our tree is usually up the Sunday before Thanksgiving. This year? Two Sundays before. With Matt and the boys galavanting around Moab the week before and Matt hoping on a plane to Arizona the week after, we decided earlier was better than later- so up it went!


Our tradition is to bring out our big, fluffy, stuffed bear along with the tree. He used to lay out all year long in front of our fire place in Bountiful, but I don’t think he’d last the ages if we left him out year-round anymore. The kids all take turns cuddling up with him, reading books and fake sleeping (but hoping to fall asleep).


Ashlyn and her silly tree-skirts 🙂


Megan was amazed when the lights turned on!


Cayden was a good ornament arranger. He made sure that the big ornaments were evenly distributed!


Ashlyn helped Alison place her ornaments!


Dylan being extra careful


Jackson, proud to stand on the chair to reach the high places!

Putting up the tree is just the beginning of a magical season!


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