Cayden and Matt’s Moab Adventure


Matt and I talked and decided that a big, huge Lund Brother’s weekend, although awesome, was not a one-on-one experience. No, really?! Five men with their boy(s)/daughter and grandpa Lund was a crowd! A noisy, fun and boisterous crowd! The day after Thanksgiving Matt and Cayden drove off, got to Moab, ate some grub and then rented a Jeep. Matt’s been dying to own a Jeep- one of the main reasons we did all of that cement work at the house (a Jeep parking spot). This was a fun trial run!


One spot they jeeped to was Gemini bridges- watch out for that cliff!


Cayden by the rough and tough jeep…..


….. that took them down this switchbacking trail, all the way to the bottom. I’ve actually biked down this road, but Matt said it was scarier in a Jeep. You fill the whole road…


Landscape Arch


You can’t go to Moab without stopping at Zak’s to get pizza. Seriously!

Here are Cayden’s words about the trip from our Christmas newsletter:

“I went with my dad and in the car he let me play pinochle on his iPad.  We rented a Jeep. First we took it into Arches National Park and tried to do a trail but it was getting too dark which made it hard to do. The next day we took it into Canyonlands and went to Gemini Bridges which is a place where there are two parallel natural arch bridges going over a huge drop-off. We walked over the bridges- you can’t drive on them anymore.  We threw a small pebble down and it took forever to hear anything back and when I did it was a really loud bang. That was my most favorite part of the trip!”

He would have said more but I made him stay within a few sentences. They had a great time, got to talk a lot and tried something new!


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  1. It sounds like they had fun. Do they give the jeep adventure a thumbs up; or are more adventures needed to determine? We love getting all these adventure tips from you guys.

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