This year we spent Thanksgiving with my extended family. I love holidays- the chance to get together with family. Life gets busy and these are the moments we all stop and come together. It’s beautiful! I love to see my mom helping the kids pick out jelly beans and helping them avoid the coffee and cinnamon flavored ones. I love to see George find a moment to give every person a squeeze-hug. I love seeing the cousins play- arranging the little people in the house, boat and trains. I am thankful for all of these moments!


Of course, the food was excellent and enjoyed to the last bite! I must confess that I’ve only made a turkey once and it was dry. It makes me savor a moist turkey all the more!


Jackson and Ethan- partners in everything! If they don’t get a chance to play after school, Jackson mentions it in his prayers at night!


Kate and my mom- scoping out the jelly bean selection!


My mom and Megan, finding the perfect toy.


Jackson giving Papaw a hug!


George, Jackson and I

I read in my friend’s blog something interesting that she’d read in an article (can I really pass along anything more second-hand?!) that moms should make sure they “get in” pictures. That way their kids know, later on, that we were involved in their lives. What? They won’t just know that I was on all of these Moab, Disneyland, camping, everywhere trips? Well, they’ll know but I think they need to see it too- down the road.

So- here’s the picture where I handed the camera off and stood in!


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  1. I totally agree about the picture thing. It’s funny, most pictures I’m in you can tell it wasn’t intentional! Haha! They need more good pictures with me in them!

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