Dylan and Matt’s Moab Adventure


Matt and I decided to take each of the kids on a trip this year. This sounded like a great chance to spend one-on-one time with each child. Matt took Jackson camping and fishing at  Payson Lakes. He took Cayden on a Lund “Father’s and Sons” trip to Zions. I took Ashlyn to St. George. We still needed some time with Dylan! Matt checked Dylan out of school at lunch and they drove off to Moab!


Here are the train tracks you cross on one of our favorite hikes- Corona Arch.


“Rock Climbing” (with foot holes and hand rails) and “Ladder Climbing” make this hike unique.

DSC_0111smallCorona Arch at sunset.


I just love this sweet boy!


Matt and Dylan- making it into the same picture!

IMAG0011    IMAG0015   IMAG0014

Matt sent me a few pictures along the way- which really give you a feel about what the trip was really like! Dylan is absolutely beaming in the first picture! They’ve arrived and are eating at our favorite pizza place (Zak’s). For breakfast, Dylan ordered the “Miss Piggy”- sausage wrapped in a pancake. And of course, the goofiness!

Here are Dylan’s own words describing the trip from our Christmas newsletter:

Daddy packed Harry Potter in my backpack and all of my stuff. We listened to it on CD in the car on the drive and I read it in the hotel room. I got all the way to chapter 7. We drove remote control trucks at the park and did challenges. We did two hikes. One we didn’t finish because we had to cross the river a lot. One we finished and we had to go mountain climbing on it and go up a ladder. We saw some train tracks. This trip was just me and my dad!




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