The Day I Took My Parrot To Target


Alison was a parrot for Halloween. Now she loves that she has a parrot jacket. Because that’s basically what it is. Sure the arms have wings attached. Sure the hood comes with a beak. To her it’s just a really cool jacket! She hates the hood and I’m not sure that she even realizes that her arms are sporting wings. When she wanted to wear her jacket to Target, I just let her! We walked past a little girl wearing a dress-up tutu costume who was just darling and I chuckled as I proudly pushed my darling little parrot in the shopping cart. I absolutely loved it!

We were in the market to buy a basket to put all of the stuffed animals in. It had been my project all morning to clean out the basement toy area- sort through bins, organize and more importantly- dejunk! (Garbage day tomorrow!)

The basket turned into a lively game of Peek-a-Boo! As we checked out and were heading to the van, Alison looked at me and said, “No bed!” It was past nap time for sure, and my basement was calling me- but my parrot daughter won me over. We ordered a salad from Cafe Rio and went to the Fishy Park! It was divine- I had been relieved from a project, played with my little ones, and even dined out (a treat!)

Megan was thrilled with the plan too!

Doesn’t she look carefree?!!

Alison tried the balance beam and couldn’t take one step without giggling. That was her favorite thing to do! Soon they were hot and tired, we went home, Megan and Alison took good naps and I finished my project.

I was glad for this snippet of mommy time when I didn’t have to be too busy, when I could say “Yes!,” and “Let’s play!” I can’t always neglect everything else and play, but I enjoy the times when I can!


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  1. Crystal, once again I decided that your pictures are fabulous—but they only accentuate what you have written.  YOU ARE FABULOUS WITH WORDS, and your great pictures illustrate beautifully.  In other words, it’s not just your great photography that makes this so super duper good, it’s your ability to write and illustrate!  Love those little girls!     would you please add Mike’s address to these posts—I always pull them up for Mike to see.  He enjoys them.  I read them to him and scroll, but I think he can do it on his own, and that should give him more computer satisfaction.  Love, M

    *******************************************Everything tastes good with chocolate except broccoli—Maria Lund

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