The End (of Fall Leaves) is Here


As I was sitting in the back yard, watching the kids playing, enjoying the color splashed all through the yard- I realized that this moment was fleeting. How can you be nostalgic when a moment isn’t even over??? A storm was in the forecast. Snow, wind, rain, mud. This moment when the trees were bursting with color so bold and bright it made my heart happy would soon be gone- the leaves blown away. After this storm we’ll still have plenty of warm days ahead- no worries- but they just wouldn’t feel like this one. I ran back inside and took a few pictures so that I wouldn’t forget.

This tree is my back yard neighbor’s aspen that grows in the corner of their yard, right up against the fence, and gives us shade over the sand box. Pretty handy in the hot summer, right?

Now look at my little ones, playing in this beautiful weather!

I’m going to miss this sand box when this cold weather hits!

Ashlyn came home from school with a huge pile of leaves and promptly began arranging them on my bathroom counter so that she could take pictures. She must be like me 🙂

There were so many colors and she had to arrange them just right!



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  1. The last three entries on your fam’s adventures has made me aware (something I felt all along with your fun Christmas cards)

    that it isn’t ONLY your photography that is sooooo goood, it’s your ability to WRITE that makes everything so professional.  You are very talented in both of these areas.  your writing helps make your pictures totally alive!  Thanks!  Love ya, M

    *******************************************Everything tastes good with chocolate except broccoli—Maria Lund

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