Long Walks and Goat Stops


On one of the last days of warm weather before the big storm rolled in I met up with Kristin to go walking. Remember that cool trail that runs behind her house? We decided not to do the mega-walk that takes you to the gas station across town (Jack has Kindergarten now) so we decided to do a shorter version and visit one of her friends that has animals- as in buffalo, a bull, goats and geese. It turns out that they move the buffalo to their mountain location during the winter and their pesky bull was now useful to that family in a different way. The kids had just as much fun visiting goats and geese, collecting walnuts and stomping through leaves.

These little cuties arranged themselves, trying to get a good look at the animals.

Alison ended up stuffing her pockets with walnuts just like Dylan does on the way home from school. I’m surprised we’re not growing a grove of walnut trees at our house with the amount of walnuts that have ended up in our front yard!

Megan- so happy to have freedom! Not in a stroller, not being held- freedom!

Jack and Ellie, exploring

Dominic loved this little goose and kept trying to feed it grass. The goose was not interested, but kept checking back with him to see if he came up with better offerings!

Biking back (while Kristin and I push strollers) just in time to have lunch and head off to school!

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