Oh What a Morning….


Today’s been one of those days…. I had Alison up on my counter fixing her hair and Megan started pulling out the Q-Tips from the top drawer. I bent over to clean them up and Alison reached into the open drawer and pulled out the cuticle scissors- chop, chop, chop. It was that fast! It doesn’t look like much hair- until you start looking at all of the loose clumps on her shirt and the hand-fulls that came out when I was combing her hair!

Alison: “I did that.”

This is what at least two hours of my morning look like.

Megan’s been going through a fussy phase. I’ve been tempted to move her back to a two-nap schedule because by 9:30am she is crying and inconsolable- even when I’m holding her!  A few days I have given her that morning nap and she fights it- she stays awake for an hour! That “nap” throws off her schedule, and then she doesn’t sleep well for her afternoon nap which leaves her crankier than ever! I’m hoping this is a short phase. Today we went browsing at Jo-Ann’s since I just had the two babies (Jack went to school early for a field trip) and Megan loves any kind of shopping. Cured! Then we picked up Jack from school, ate lunch and put the girls to bed.


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