Cousin Adventures


Kristiena teaches our kids piano lessons. She has 3 cute kiddos that match up really well with my kids. Once a week our kids get to play together AND learn to play the piano. Because let’s face it- when your teacher’s your mom, it’s just harder! But when your teacher’s your entertaining aunt? Much better!

On piano days we don’t have friends over and we just purely enjoy our cousins!

Here are a few photos from my phone:


Megan and Caleb- love the sand box, wagon rides and trying to run off together!


Sam and Alison- love to move. It doesn’t matter how- tricycle, scooter, bike- as long as they are in motion


Ashlyn and Maylee- Love to create games, sometimes outdoor games but most always somethings to do with stuffed animals! Last week they even came up with a clothes line and had little stuffed animal clothes hanging across. So cute?!

I just couldn’t resist this picture of Caleb. If there ever was a model for a Cabbage Patch Kid, this little guy would be the one! Isn’t he so cute!


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