Over the River and Through the Woods (Or Just a Drive Down I-15)


On Sunday we decided to visit my parents. We saw them for a fleeting moment on Halloween, but then we were out the door and running to keep up with all of the cousins! Now we had a chance to visit and relax. I think Matt and George talked the whole time while my mom baked her famous M&M cookies and pumpkin cookies. We all kept up with eating them- as a batch came out of the oven and onto the cooling rack, little fingers were reaching for them!

No visit is complete without sampling jelly beans!

Grandpa mid-conversation with Matt while Cayden shoots me a smile 🙂

Alison pulling her new favorite face!

After plenty of cookies (and milk) the kids went down to the theater room and watched Kung Fu Panda 2. Alison snuggled up by Ashlyn and stayed there through the whole move- something that’s never happened before! Jackson rediscovered his King Fu Panda coloring book at home and has been coloring in it ever since!

After the movie- more silliness, toys, jelly beans, movies to borrow and hugs goodbye. We had a fabulous visit!


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