Grandma Lund’s Birthday


Saturday was Grandma Lund’s birthday. At our house we spent the day working on projects (Matt- setting up the speakers, adjusting the entertainment center, etc; Crystal- Painting the bathroom walls “Ozone”) and making cake! Kristiena asked if I’d heard of a candybar cake. As a matter of fact, my friend had made it for her daughter’s birthday not too long ago. It was a great idea and we had a good time making it! I had lots of volunteers to help me decorate! After dinner we surprised Grandma with cake and a fun visit!

Jackson was one of my more enthusiastic helpers!

We sang to Grandma and ended with the famous “Hip Hip Hip Hurray!” Alison was not a fan of the sparkler at all. You can see that she’s bracing herself against the wall…. Luckily Matt hurried over.

I thought the sparkler idea was awesome! I want to do the same thing for another birthday!

Grandma got ahold of my camera and took this great picture of Grandpa!

Grandma and Ashlyn

Dylan and Grandma

Megan is happy that Matt is generous with his cake!

We had to check out Grandma’s new bird! It was very quiet for us but it’s supposed to chirp really pretty songs!

Cayden and Megan are BFF”s

Of course it is tradition to get out all of the Beanie Babies! Our kids look forward to going into the “secret room” and getting out the big box each time we visit! We chatted for a long time until birthday calls started coming in. Matt swiped the phone and talked to Robb for a long time before turning the phone over! We had such an enjoyable evening!


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