We start off the Hallween week with a ward Halloween party. I love it for a lot of reasons, most especially because it’s a great deadline to make sure we have our costumes ready! I also like to see all of the neighborhood friends in their costumes because I never get to see them on Halloween! I take the younger kids Trick-Or-Treating while Matt passes out candy at home.


Jackson- Cowboy, Dylan- Jedi, Matt- Waldo


Cali and  Ashlyn (cat), Jessica and Erika with Alison (a parrot who doesn’t like to wear her hood) and Megan (a reserved pumpkin)



The Young Men and Young Women run this party, and this year Cayden helped run different game stations the whole night long!



Our picture before heading out the door. Check out Cayden’s costume!


Cayden and Aunt Michele. Wait! Where did that ninja come from?!

All of the cousins ready to hit the streets!


Michele with Jackson and Dylan at the Halloween House. Uncle Lothar and Isablle (with Kate in the back!)

Justin and Ashlyn spent the night Trick-Or-Treating and we ran into them at a house serving hot chocolate! They were having a great time and were happy to be going door-to-door at super speed! Ashlyn had one full pillowcase!  We told Cayden that when he turned twelve that he got to have Halloween parties- so he made some cookie bars (his specialty), had bowls of treats, invited friends over and watched Tim Burton’s “Corpse Bride” which everyone agreed was a very strange movie.


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