The Great Adventure!


After we set up the bookcases, we had all of the cardboard that had been protecting the tops and sides- a lot of long, straight pieces! The next day, Dylan and Jackson got to work. They had big ideas on how this cardboard should be used!

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When I watch my kids play and get along together, those are some of my happiest moments. They are tender and sweet. When Megan reaches for Cayden and he rocks her in the rocking chair before she goes to bed. When I see Ashlyn anxious to be the first one to get the babies out of bed in the morning. When I see Dylan trying to help Jackson with his school work. When I see Jackson determined to share a piece of Halloween candy with Alison every time he gets out a piece for himself. When I see Alison freely give hugs to whoever needs them. Those moments make me burst with love.

I remember my own childhood, playing in my backyard with my brother and sisters, digging in our sandbox, climbing trees, attempting to dig out our own swimming pool beneath two pine trees, picking blackberries, finding my best spot for Hide-And-Go-Seek behind the lilac bush, taking a blanket into the backyard and a tape player and playing music for my little sister because she’d always dance and try to sing the words……  There is something so sweet about the adventures of childhood, especially when they are with your brothers and sisters!

“One of the luckiest things that can happen to you in life is, I think, to have a happy childhood.” ~Agatha Christie



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