Pumpkins, Apples and Caramel- Oh My!


For the second year in a row, we grew our own pumpkins! It’s fun to see how big they get and what shape they become. This year our seed packet was for actual “Jack-O-Lantern” pumpkins, which I guess means tall and skinny!Ashlyn and Dylan thought it was fun scooping out the insides. It makes Cayden gag, big time. Somehow he convinced Dylan to clean out his whole pumpkin!Ashlyn and Dylan had a pumpkin war!Dylan’s actual pumpkin had a crack in the bottom so I turned it into a nice little wedge- which Dylan thought was hilarious when he decided to wash out his pumpkin, because really at this age everything turns into a potty joke….Cayden’s pumpkin was full of random wedges and slits that came together to make a cool face! I can’t believe I didn’t get a picture of all of our pumpkins together! No matter- we had a good time and it’s always fun to have a pumpkin as a canvas for creativity!While Matt took Cayden and Ashlyn to pick up the bookcases we’d bought over the weekend, the rest of the kiddos and I decided to make caramel apples. It was full-on silliness, but they were all a big help with unwrapping all of the caramels and helping with toppings! It was fun to surprise everyone with treats when they got home!Alison is quickly learning to become a clown- she tries to put on a crazy face in every picture now!


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  1. I love Alison’s face in all the pictures! I have to admit – I’m so used to the potty humor around here I laughed at Dylan’s pumpkin faucet too. 🙂

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