Fall Break- The Rest


Wow! Did I take a break or what? I guess I haven’t recovered from Fall Break!

No- it’s really the fact that I keep picking projects to do in my spare time, and the fact that we got a 60 inch TV, and the fact that I’m exercising 5 days a week- most days I can’t get to the gym until 9pm which means I don’t get home until 10…. That is too late! But I know that I am NOT a morning person either- I’d rather stay up an extra hour at night rather than get up an hour earlier.)

A lot of Fall Break was spent- shopping. Now that the basement is finished, our next “To Do” item is cleaning out the garage. For that we needed bookcases and an entertainment center!



One morning we split our errands up- Dylan and Ashlyn went with Matt to pick grapes from Rick Soulier so that we could make grape juice while Cayden, Jackson, Alison and Megan came with me to run a billion errands. Matt took his group to lunch in Provo while I took my group to U-Swirl for frozen yougurt. Yummy!



Matt and I spent a date afternoon  and a date night the following evening furniture shopping. I LOVED looking at the fun ways that you can decorate. I can just see owning that bike clock! And that arrangement of all of those clocks- so cute! (I think they were just for sale, not to actually own them all- but I liked it!) We ended up choosing the entertainment center on the bottom right- to be delivered in 4-6 weeks.


The surprise hit of Fall break was our walkie talkies! 2 days worth of fun!


I had to get up from the breakfast table for a minute and returned to find Alison feeding Megan. Megan looks just as surprised as I was!


Cayden flew his helicopter a bit- everyone likes to watch him land it on things like boxes, a game board, etc. Dylan and Ashlyn played Lego Battleship.


We cleaned out the flower beds and picked our pumpkins- home grown! I was running one night and snapped this shot with my phone- I love Fall!!

Final projects of the break: Matt making 25 quarts of grape juice while I painted our bathroom ceiling. I went to Lowe’s to buy flat white ceiling paint (a standard stock item) but this trip they only had a kind that is purple when you roll it on and then it turns while when it dries (like a glue stick). You can see that my ceiling looks purple- not a big deal. It dried while and looked perfect. The next day Matt took a shower and it bled purple down my walls and wherever steam accumulated. It dried purple. It happened every day. I was SO MAD!! I’ve spent a lot of days since then repainting the ceiling, painting all of the trim and doors, painting the toilet room walls “basketry” (last Saturday) and the bathroom walls “ozone” (today). So far that has fixed the bleeding purple  problem.

Voila! That was our fall break. Fun, expensive (the entertainment center and bookcases), labor intensive at moments, lots of family time, lots of friend time and also low stress. No strict schedules or routines!

We finished off the night before heading back to school with a wild game of Skip-Bo and hot cider!


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