Fall Break Is Here! (Day 1)


Fall break is finally here! We looked up the weather forecast to choose a day to head over to Antelope Island only to discover that a cold front was coming in soon. We needed to spend our time wisely on the good weather days!

We skipped the trip up to Antelope Island (although I am DYING to go! It’s going to happen. I WILL see buffalo in the wild!) but we decided to go on an awesome bike ride from Willow Park up towards Thanksgiving Point and the windmills. It was such a great bike ride- not too crowded like the Provo River Trail, which is a good thing when you are biking with a group of children who think they always bike on the right side of the lane, but drift over constantly!

Cayden was my buddy for the first half and I had a good time hanging out with him. He’s always thinking about something and it’s nice to hear what’s going on!

This was the trip when we realized that Jack’s bike is too small for him. This guy is a biker and he bikes everywhere, but he was pedaling his heart out to keep up with everyone. It took him 20 pedals for every 4 pedals that Dylan’s bike made. He did a great job! 8 miles! It’s time for him to get something a little bigger to make these rides a little easier!

The scenery was perfect- the leaves were changing, the air was crisp, everyone was in good spirits…

We got back just as it started drizzling!


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