Backyard Movie Night


Backyard movie night! We’ve done this almost every year, except for last year since we had a new little Megan! I had Cayden and Ashlyn plan the whole thing which involved a huge vat of hot chocolate (a huge insulated drink dispenser) and one of those big rubbermaid buckets full of popcorn. I bet it took us two hours to make enough popcorn to fill that thing up! When the movie finished Jackson filled up his cup with the last bit of hot chocolate. No leftovers of anything! Of course Matt said that if we had popped half as much popcorn and made half as much hot chocolate it would have been just right too. “If you make it, they’ll just keep eating it!” That was half the fun!

The movie they picked out? Despicable Me

We played night games until it was dark enough to watch the movie and then night games until all of the kids were picked up. I think the night games might have even topped the movie! We had a a fun time and I had a chance to meet all of Cayden’s junior high friends!


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