Brother’s Weekend (July)


In looking back through my pictures, I realized that I never posted about Matt’s “Brother’s Weekend.” This has been going on every year for the past 5 years (I think?). They have been all over the place- different brothers take turn hosting the trip so all of the brother’s get to hang out in the area they live in. I’m glad they do it. I hope my kids do it when they’re older. Keeping that relationship close involves time- late nights, games, silliness. What happens at Brother’s Weekend stays at Brother’s Weekend. (And it’s all good, goofy stuff!)

This year they decided to make it a “Fathers and Sons” event and hike the Narrows in Zions National Park. This is a 16 mile hike- and not an easy one at that. At some points you’re wading waist deep through water and it’s very tiring. Not only that, you start early in the morning and need to finish the hike before it gets dark. Cayden and a few cousins weren’t quite old enough or in shape enough for that so Matt and Randy stayed behind with them and ran the hiking shuttle. When Matt picked them up they were all so exhausted- and even the next day too! Still, it was definitely an adventure and it sounded amazing! Matt was a little disappointed that he wasn’t do the hike- but he was glad to be able to spend time with Randy and Cayden. Cayden’s favorite part? The pool at the condo. He spent hours in the pool with his cousin Michael.

I had a great idea after looking through these gorgeous pictures. I want to do it with Matt! Next year is our 15 year anniversary! We honeymooned in St. George and hiked around a little in Zions so it seems fitting to return there for the big 15 year celebration! I think if I can split the kids up (at least during the day) that there is a chance it could happen! Matt and I haven’t taken a vacation together since my sister watched Cayden and Ashlyn when we went to London (she is so awesome!) Ashlyn was only 18 months and left Michele with a pretty funny story that we still talk about 🙂

That was 8 years ago…..

One year to plan it out! I’m really looking forward to it!

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