Soccer Season


Soccer season is upon us again. I love it! Especially at this age- they are so cute!

One thing that Dylan is really good at is anticipating where the ball is going to be. He always puts himself between the ball and the goal. There is no way he is letting that ball into the goal! Last year he was a strong offensive player and scored a lot goals during the season. This year he’s focused more on defense.

Look at Dylan going after that ball! Go “Silver Dragons”!

This is Jackson’s first year playing soccer. His team practices are really low key and fun- 45 minutes once a week. I wasn’t sure how he’d play during the games but last week it just clicked! 3 goals and a lot of assists. He is one of the older kids on his team since he just missed the age deadline last year. He’s a head taller and fast!

Jackson looks forward to the games and always asks if he’s going to a practice or a game. Go “Fireworks”!

Dylan and Jackson are the only two in soccer this year. What do the rest of the kids do during games? Here’s a little preview of how things went tonight….

Cayden giving Megan a ride

Ashlyn doing tricks while leaping out of the swing (Yep- there’s our awesome white van in the background!)

This park had black rubber filler on the ground to cushion any falls. Seems like a good idea, right? No. No. No. It is so dirty and such a mess. Bark has some weight to it and so it stays in the playground better- plus if bark gets out it makes it’s way back into the ground. This rubber is EVERYWHERE and so dirty! My friend has red “stamp it up” rubber and it never seems dirty. Maybe years of 1,000 school kids playing with it makes the difference! Anyhow, I captured this picture of Megan crawling up the stairs in all of her glorious dirtiness!

Today Megan learned how to climb the stairs to the slide and go down by herself. She didn’t even need anyone to catch her because it slowed down enough for her to stop at the bottom. She was so proud of herself!  (Check out those black hands! Those were fun baths tonight!)

Dylan- king of the big slide! (Finally his turn after the previous king had to go home with his parents!)


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