Jackson’s 1st Day of School


Jackson has been looking forward to school all summer. Finally! Old enough! Even better- he’s in the same class as his cousins, Ethan and Kate. They play at recess and now they play after school!

I sure miss this happy guys when he’s at school- but he thoroughly loves it. He gladly does homework, practices reading to me, goes through his alphabet cards and then is out the door to play with friends. Some of my other kids come home, take a break, lounge for a bit and then get to business. Not Jack- he’s on top of it all so he can find a friend to play with! I asked Jackson who sits at his table in school. He listed off all of their names and then said, “I made them all my friends!” That’s Jackson, the friendliest guy in the wild west 🙂

Lining up to go in on the first day.

I walked up to meet them which was really fun!

Most days Jackson likes to bike to school but Ashlyn and Dylan prefer to get a ride in the morning. So Jack and I bike up to school in the afternoon and then we bike home when school is out. I’m trying to nudge Ashlyn and Dylan to bike in the mornings, but since I’m driving carpool in the mornings and have to stop at their school anyway, they hardly see the point. I get it- but when Jack and I fly by on our bikes and they’re walking home I can see that the motivation is starting to come!


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