The Day That “Home Lunch” Was NOT At Home


The day after we got back from New Mexico I was faced with a decision:

  1. To Do Laundry (My practical side)

  2. Not To Do Laundry (My less practical, spur of the moment side)

That zany side won before the organized side even had a chance to make a list of supporting arguments.


I decided to spend the day baking.


Not even something that I normally bake.


Muffins. A zillion batches of jumbo muffins.


Pumpkin chocolate chip, pumpkin apple, and poppyseed- each a double batch, each jumbo sized, each delicious.


And then I froze them all and made two pumpkin pies.






My kids made home lunches every day for two weeks. They grabbed a muffin, packed some fruit, picked out a Capri Sun and were done. So fun! Jackson was jealous. They get to have Capri Suns every day? They get to pick out muffins every day? They get to eat somewhere NOT AT HOME every day?


We decided to have a “Home Lunch” at the library park. Jackson was so excited! He packed the whole thing by himself. He picked a muffin, perused the juice box selection, stewed over the sliced apples or applesauce decision and off we went. I’d just printed off a list books that I wanted to check out for the kids (check out so we hit the library first and then went to the park to play and eat. We had such a good time and it was nice to do something different. I’m looking forward to another one of these days….

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  1. Your kids are sooooooo lucky that they have you for a mom!!!!!!!      tried your banana cake tonight.  Crazy day, bought the cream cheese at 10Pm (good ole Walgreens) , and it’s done, and I need to get to bed.  We will be going to Mirror Lake tomorrow, leaving at 8AM, to a neighbor’s cabin, have lunch (made les’ soup recipe, and your cake)   Your pictures are really fun!  Your comments make the pictures even more fun.  So creative and expressive, it makes me feel like I was there, too.  Love ya, M

    *******************************************Everything tastes good with chocolate except broccoli—Maria Lund

  2. What a cute day! I loved the muffin and I have to say I am biased but I am glad you made muffins instead of doing laundry – much more fun!

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