New Mexico or Bust!


Marlon called Matt a few weeks ago and asked if he knew how to sheetrock. Matt didn’t but jumped at the chance to go and help. The rest of us jumped at the chance to visit Mar, Kara and Marley. We pulled in at 10:30pm.  They’d just finished turning their garage into the cutest guest room, completely decorated- so, so cute!  It fit our family, including two portacribs- impressive.

In the morning, Kara and I took the kiddos to the Aztec Ruins while the menfolk were working. It was so close that we busted out the double stroller and walked there!

It was Dylan’s turn to have Curious George for the weekend! It was fun to see him pop up all over the place!

Marley and Alison took their pamphlet and pencil very seriously! They both held onto them the whole time, longer than any of the older kids!

Kara arranged the kids throughout this section. I love it!

I love history. I remember when I was 10 I really liked the story of the Alamo. We rented the movie one weekend- it was so long that it was two VHS cassettes long. We moved our really long couch in front of the TV and spent the whole night watching it. (Good memories!) A year later we went to visit my grandparents in Texas and we made a point to visit the Alamo in person. I loved every second. There is something so personal about walking through a piece of history, touching it- it becomes even more real in a way that it wasn’t before.

My family went to Mesa Verde when I was little (no idea how old I was) but I distinctly remember coming over a ridge and seeing the whole city open up before me. When we went to visit it again a few years ago, this time with my own kids (and Mar and Kara!) I came over that same ridge and saw the whole city appear below- just like I remembered.

This trip we got to explore a new site.  We walked through the Aztec ruins- it was beautiful (and HUGE!!) It was so nice of Kara to take us all there, despite it being a hot and sweat day with hot and sweaty children!

Ashlyn, out for a jog 🙂

Kara and Marley peeking over the top

Some of the kids were getting hot so Kara took them to the Great Kiva while Ashlyn, Alison, Megan and I (the girls) got to explore a little. I love this picture of Alison, sitting in a doorway and behind her are more doorways to come!

(Alison, always holding onto her map and water bottle)

Ashlyn, helping Alison mark her map

Ashlyn + Alison = Inseparable companions

After the ruins we came home and put the babies to bed. Out came the hugest container of legos that ever existed in one house! Pure entertainment every single day we were there! We relaxed on Sunday, spent the afternoon and evening playing games! I am still in pinochle withdrawal- I miss hanging out with people who want (and have time) to play games!!

Mar and Kara were dog-sitting Charlie, their sister-in-law’s dog. Ashlyn and Dylan especially fell in love with him and they all wanted to feed and play with him (except Alison who never did get over her fear of animals). If Dylan wasn’t inside playing legos, he was outside playing with Charlie.

Monday morning we packed up and went to Kara’s parents’ house for a huge Labor Day breakfast. They have the backyard that every child dreams of having- two huge trees with rope swings, a smaller tree with a swing for little ones, a trampoline, a sandbox, and a large patio with three tables set up. We had a fabulous time visiting before starting our long drive home.

Jackson and Dylan spent most of their time on the rope swing- not eating, or sandboxing!

Cayden and Ashlyn spent most of their time in the house playing the organ. Who would have guessed?!

Alison really loved the small swing, especially when Matt was swinging her up high!

I love that in every picture I have of Marley and Alison on this swing, they are always holding hands! Alison started this trip off being so “shy” and ended by just adoring Marley.

Alison even tried to convert to Marley’s “Paci” instead of sucking on her fingers. She does like to use it now and again, but her two fingers are still her first love.

Kara was so nice to take Megan whenever she was fussy. It was so sweet to see them together and my shy Megan was always willing to go!

We had such a good visit and I would go back in  a heartbeat to see them again! (No really guys, any more projects?!!)


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