Battle Creek Falls


The day after Ben and Diane’s wedding we had a hike planned with the Pontius’s. It was so needed! We got to leave the house, do something that was fun for us AND fun for the kids and ignore all of the things that come up on Saturday “To Do” lists. At least for a while… I really love the hike to Battle Creek Falls. It’s not a long hike (less than a mile each way), it’s not a long drive (you don’t even have to drive up the canyon) and there’s a scenic waterfall at the end. Perfect! It must have been caterpillar season because everything- trees, bushes, the ground even- was covered. Matt was standing still for a bit while the kids were playing and he found caterpillars walking up his leg. When we went to bed that night he was still feeling caterpillars 🙂

After the hike we went to lunch together at Costa Vida- 4 adults, 9 kids- and it was awesome! Everyone was so well-behaved. I don’t know about you, but I cross my fingers when we go out, give the kids a behavior pep-talk and repeat the mantra “things will go well” over and over again!  It almost always does go well, but every once in a while…. The highlight was the electronic soda fountain- over 100 flavors to choose from. First you pick your base (sprite, coke, rootbeer, etc) and then you have another menu- lemon sprite, grape sprite, cherry sprite, etc. The kids loved every second. We went home, put the tired babies to bed, loved the quiet time and followed that up with a date that evening. Now that is the way to spend a Saturday! (I could always use more of those!)

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