Ogden’s Dinosaur Park Adventure


Jackson’s birthday was on a Thursday (August 9th to be exact).  Matt had work and was also teaching that night so we got up early and opened presents because Jackson would NOT agree to having his party/presents a day early! So, at 7am we did our treasure hunt, we had a birthday breakfast (French toast casserole) and Matt was off to work. What needed to happen so that the rest of the day felt like a birthday? Something different? Luckily Corinne and I had planned an outing- our Field Trip Friday was moved to Thursday this week and we had a birthday outing with friends instead! We left about 10:30am and drove up to the Ogden Dinosaur Park- 9 kids, 2 moms, armed with a picnic lunch and lots of water. Boy did we need the water- it was a scorcher! We also needed the lunch- my kids devoured everything in site! Chips, sandwiches, grapes- whatever they found!

It’s funny- each time we go there we like different things about it. The first time we went, the park was the fun place and we spent practically the whole time sliding down the huge treehouse slide. Not today- too hot. The next time we went, we read all of the plaques- it was fun to learn about all of the dinosaurs! Still fun- but very hot. This time- it was the shady sand box. We excavated dinosaur bones for an hour at least- and thoroughly enjoyed every minute.  Even Megan was so happy and loved crawling all through the sand. I just sat back in the shade, visited with Corinne, and enjoyed the kids.

After we were finished up with the museum we drove to the original Farr’s Ice Cream store and ordered some ice cream to cool down. My favorite is still the pineapple coconut. I love it! We got home around 6pm with happy, tired kids! It was a fabulous day with our fun friends and it was a fun way to celebrate Jack’s birthday!

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As a side note, we read a plaque by the Dilophosaurus dinosuar that basically said there was no evidence to suggest it could spit venom in the face of it’s predators like it’s shown in Jurassic Park. That reminded me of what a fun movie this was, especially after spending the afternoon with life-sized dinosaurs. We borrowed the movies from my parents and had a great time (with Cayden and Ashlyn only)! By the way, as I was looking up the dinosaur’s name to put in this post I came across a website that was fun to poke around in: http://jurassicpark.wikia.com/wiki/Dilophosaurus

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