Dylan’s 7th Birthday


We decided that this was the year for friend parties. Dylan wanted a pirate party and it was so much fun to plan!!

Dressing up was half the fun!

But I think drawing on the mustaches were the favorite!

 Dylan somehow got ahold of the black eyeliner and drew on his own!

We had cannonball smashing, walking the plank, digging through an ice chest for the “Man Overboard,” but I think the most favorite game was the water relay! Perfect for a hot afternoon!

After a hard day of pirating the crew came in for pirate snacks- pirate teeth (popcorn), Polly’s crackers, shark bait (watermelon) and birthday cupcakes.

The watermelon shark was so fun to make! I googled some things on YouTube- I’m sure you could have a watermelon centerpiece at any themed party…..

Afterwards we had a treasure hunt for the kids to find their treats to take home.

I think these roller skates were Dylan’s most favorite gift. His last pair met an untimely end and he has missed them a lot. And yes, that is little 2 year old Alison riding a bike in the background.

Lisa gave us Kate’s bike and I thought for sure we’d be storing it for a year or more before Alison would be able to use it. Nope- as soon as Matt got the training wheels on she was biking away. Our daily routine now is to get Jack off to Kindergarten and then Alison bikes a few laps around the block which makes her just the right amount of tired to go down for a nap. What am I going to do when winter hits?!!!


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